Gruppo BD is a network aimed at meeting the structural, financial and communicative needs of different companies. Each field of expertise is managed by a dedicated company that operates independently and in synergy with the group.


Gruppo BD guarantees high quality and professional services, an ability to integrate and adapt to various areas of expertise and a consistent and coherent result.


Branding, design and creation of communication strategies for the Web and Social Media. BDCreative, BDTechnology, BDPromotion, BDInStore together represent the evolution of corporate marketing and through this they boast the ability to offer an extremely personalised, 360° communication strategy.


A tailored network with a highly personalized approach. Dealing with investment management in the area of advertising: target analysis, strategic planning, financial negotiations, campaign control and periodic post-campaign evaluation.

Wonderful Team

Company Team Building, to develop and strengthen the motivation and cohesion of staff. Working for common goals, focusing on the individual’s attitudes, skills and potential, implementing and recognising the corporate Mission at every level.


Personal-protection is personal safety, safety at home and at work, and within the Company. Through Training Courses B-Responsible offers training aimed at full control of the emotional sphere with effective management of anti-crime and anti-terrorism protocols.